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Manual Settings

Change your browser settings manually

Note: If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer under Windows, it is recommendet to use our automatic configuration tool.

To install the insert_coin proxy filter manually, you have to change your browser settings: Search for »Proxy settings« (in some browsers you can reach this via »Advanced«), and set the HTTP-Proxy to the following values (and only HTTP):

    Proxy: proxy.odem.org
    Port: 7007

ATTENTION: Don't forget the port number!

Some Screenshots

Or use the automatic configuration:

To check your configuration, call »http://www.interad.gov/«: if there occurs an error (mostly Domain not found), then the settings are not correct.


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anti censorship network @ ODEM.org
A collection of projects by ODEM.org: Alvar C.H. Freude, Dragan Espenschied, Andreas Milles and others