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anti censorship network

Take the tour and learn something about internet censorship

  1. Why this? – some basic informations.
  2. insert_coin – an experiment about internet censorship.
    Download installer (automatic setup for IE/Win only); quit and restart the Internet Explorer after running this program! Explanation for other Operating Systems / Browsers and troubleshooting: See detailed description.

    Important: you really need to try insert_coin by yourself, otherwise you can never understand all the stuff here.

    Continue with:
  3. »Declaration for freedom of information in the internet«
    Petitition and actions against internet censorship. See also: Backgrounds.
  4. ars electronica 2002 DEPLOGGED – hundrets of users DEPLOGGED at ars electronica exhibition 2002!
  5. OmniCleaner
    The Professional Information Security System.
  6. FreedomFone (former: TeleTrust.info)
    Uncensored internet on the telephone – tell us an URL, we read it for you! (german only)

We will not stop, until Bush's corrupt gang is gone
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US nurse place flag on statue of Bush in Washington



anti censorship network @ ODEM.org
A collection of projects by ODEM.org: Alvar C.H. Freude, Dragan Espenschied, Andreas Milles and others