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Don't trust the bad guys

insert_coin is an internet experiment. It works under a real world scenario and is no fake! In 2001, insert_coin won the \\international media art\award.

First, use insert_coin on your machine.

Important: You need unfiltered and uncensored Internet access without any blocking firewall (outgoing). You need access to Port 7007 on proxy.odem.org. Ask your Network Administrator if you don't know what this is and have some troubles.

There are three possibilities to use insert_coin on your machine:

  1. Use the ODEM.org insert_coin installer, but this Program works under Windows and Internet Explorer only! Download and execute, then close and restart the Internet Explorer (this is important!). That's it! To check if it is installed correctly, visit http://www.interad.gov/: if there comes no error message (e.g. somethink like »Domain not found«), then it is correct.
  2. For each Operating System and for each Browser: Change the settings manually. Read the german description or an english one.
  3. If you have troubles or not enough access rights on the machine you are working on, then ask your system administrator.

Important: you really need to try the insert_coin proxy, otherwise you can never understand all the stuff here.


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